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Industrial Robotic Application Training System

औद्योगिक रोबोटिक अनुप्रयोग

1000000 INR/तुकडा

उत्पादन तपशील:


औद्योगिक रोबोटिक अनुप्रयोग किंमत आणि प्रमाण

  • तुकडा/तुकडे
  • 1
  • तुकडा/तुकडे

औद्योगिक रोबोटिक अनुप्रयोग उत्पादन तपशील

  • Robotic Application

औद्योगिक रोबोटिक अनुप्रयोग व्यापार माहिती

  • टेलिग्राफिक हस्तांतरण (टी/टी) क्रेडिट पत्र (एल/सी)
  • आशिया साउथ अमेरिका पूर्व युरोप मध्य पूर्व मध्य अमेरिका आफ्रिका
  • संपूर्ण भारत

उत्पादन वर्णन

We are indulged in providing a wide arrangement of Industrial Robotic Application Training System. It is fabricated with an innovative techniques and tools. Apart from this, provided system is used for picking, sorting and palletizing of products. It is easy to assembled with its user friendly access. Industrial Robotic Application Training System is an equipment which has a skill point to adjust and utilized in a safer manner. It is made with skilled professionals to operate in a robotic way. 

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