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सटाईल चाचणी उपकरणे, ज्याला जिओटेक्सटाइल चाचणी मशीन किंवा जिओटेक्सटाइल परीक्षक देखील म्हटले जाते, प्रामुख्याने शंकू प्रतिकार, पारगम्यता, पृष्ठभाग उघडण्याचा आकार तसेच जिओसिंथेटिक् आम्ही पुढे ठेवलेली उपकरणे नैसर्गिक (जूट, कोअर, कापड, तंतू) किंवा कृत्रिम (पॉलीप्रॉपिलिन, पॉलिस्टर इत्यादी) बनविलेल्या विणलेल्या, नॉन-विणलेल्या आणि मल्टी-लेयर संमिश्र सामग्रीसाठी आदर्श आहेत. या प्रकारचे मशीन त्याच्या एर्गोनोमिक डिझाइन आणि वापरकर्ता-अनुकूल कंट्रोल पॅनेलमुळे सिंगल ऑपरेटरद्वारे सहजपणे याशिवाय, जिओटेक्सटाईल चाचणी उपकरणे आमच्या सन्मानित संरक्षकांच्या एकाधिक मागण्या पूर्ण करण्यासाठी वेगवेगळ्या मॉडेल्स, परिमाणे आणि कॉन्

वैशिष्ट्य उघडणे आकार

We are offering a huge series of Characteristic Opening Size Apparatus. It is manufactured under the strict observations and modern techniques. It is operated in a trouble free manner. This apparatus is used to determine the characteristic opening size of a single layer. It is made with a finest grade of materials. Characteristic Opening Size Apparatus is spread on the surface of the geotextile. It is easy to clean and maintain in a reliable manner.


ऑटो खाली प्रमुख पारगम्य

We are providing a distinct series of Auto Falling Head Permeability Apparatus. It is used to determine the permeability of fine grained soils. It ensures a low permeability. This range is formed in a permeability cell. It is highly durable and ensures a smooth performance. Auto Falling Head Permeability Apparatus is used for determining the permeability of cement mortar. It is also useful for testing of coir geotextile. It is tested in the uncompressed state for permittivity.


Geotextile मॅन्युअल पारगम्यता मशीन

We are providing a broad series of Manual Permeability Apparatus For Geotextile. It is used for only those geotextile specimens. This range is an instrument which is extensively used as filters for drainage systems. Therefore, provided geotextile is suitable testing methods or specifications. Manual Permeability Apparatus For Geotextile is helpful to investigates fabric permeability tests. It is properly set with the given attachments. It comes in numerous specification options to our respected consumers. 

मध्ये विमान पाणी पारगम्यता उपकरणे

In-Plane Water Permeability Apparatus is appreciated for its robust construction, superior performance and less power consumption supply. This range is suited for drainage applications. It is used to determine the depth of penetration of water under pressure in the concrete specimens. In-Plane Water Permeability Apparatus is pass freely from the soil through the fabric. It can be of parallel flow or radial flow type. It is convenient to installed and operate without facing any hassle.


ड्राय चाळणी चाचणी उपकरणे

We are indulged in providing a great series of Dry Sieve Test Apparatus. It is easy to assemble and can be changed by exchanging dry. It is used to determine the particle size of dry. Dry Sieve Test Apparatus is able to separate on their own. It is used for relative comparison among the geotextiles. It is equipped with a spray nozzle to ensure the wetting of the test specimen. It aids to avoid excessive deformation of the specimen.


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